Supply Chain Delays

(No) Thanks to COVID

COVID's impact on the global supply chain has affected the production time for the FLEX Face Brush.

What is a supply chain? The process involved in the production and distribution of a product.

Many companies across the world are also experiencing supply chain delays. Notably, two factors are impacting delays.
  1. Raw material shortages; increases the time and cost to collect materials to create new products.
  2. General labor shortages; increases the time and cost to assemble new products.

The Status of FLEX

While our ambitions were high to produce a new product, we picked a tough time in history to do so. FLEX is a 100% unique product whose core functions do not utilize any existing materials on the market. Thus the custom components have taken longer to produce than expected.

Also, given this is the first production run, our factory has taken extra precautions to ensure the product functions properly.

With the implications of supply chain delays and the first production run of 2000 units, you can see how the delays have compounded.

As of 02/25/2022, We expect to get the first 2000 units in stock by 03/13/2022.

This section of the page will update with accurate information bi-weekly.*

Moving forward

Your support and patience during this pre-order era are humbling. We all have learned a lot and will apply these learnings in the future. Once the first 2000 units finish, general production times will be quicker.

As always, you are entitled to a refund if you no longer want to hold a pre-order unit. Just contact us and we'll get right to it.