Being Hygienic Doesn't Make Us Soft

"With rough hands, comes great responsibility."

Back in the day, men are tasked with duties that require brute strength - this is still a thing up to this day. But, with the rise of the digital era, most of us are in front of our computers - at home! So, aside from our brain cells, what else should we take care of? Yup, our personal hygiene!

How often do you shave? Do you still brush your teeth? I know some people that are not taking a bath everyday because their reason is that they're not going out anyway? Silly, but it's true.

Often times, our cleanliness is mistaken as being vain. There's nothing wrong about loving ourselves and making sure that we look presentable at all times. Specially during video conference calls - there are things that filters can't hide!

Another benefit of taking good care of ourselves - online dating! Wouldn't it be nice if the photo that you got on your profile will show no difference once you meet your match? Let's make the "Expectation Vs. Reality" the same exact thing!

If people say that we're soft or other derogatory remarks, let's just shrug them off - and don't let them get near us, we might catch some dirt! And remember, it's just a sign that they don't understand us that's why they stand under us.

Stay safe and awesome, Fam!

Photo by Ola Dapo from Pexels