The vision.

Create an ecosystem of resources for men to be confident in their skin.

An honest battle.

Damon, founder of douxds, felt that the skin care industry left him in the dust at a young age. Experiencing acne and dark marks for 13 years he could never find products that worked for his skin. Eventually he said f*ck it and took matters into his own hands.

Built from scratch.

After $1,000,000 of product development working with customers, estheticians and engineers, he developed a no B.S. solution to common skin issues men face. In June 2020 he decided to offer the system to men across the world.

Performance Skincare

Simple. effective. results.

FLEX™ Face Brush

FLEX™ is a vibrating facial brush designed to exfoliate your skin, relieving clogged pores at the source. The silicone bristles and sonic vibration penetrate deep into pores to break up and wash away pesky, irritating impurities.


WAR™ Face Wash

WAR™ is face wash that absorbs dirt and dead hair particles from your face. The combo of Activated Coconut Charcoal and Organic Aloe pulls toxins from your skin while giving your face a cooling sensation to eliminate skin irritants.


PRIME™ Face Quench

PRIME™ is a moisturizer made with a blend of Vitamin E, B5, and C to give your skin a blast of nutrients to encourage healthy oil production. The result is a less “oily” look, and skin that is quenched with hydration.