The art and science of performance skincare.

We created the first men's skincare tool designed to get you clearer and smoother skin instantly with results to last a lifetime.

FLEX™ - Face Brush

What is performance skincare?

When your face is cleaned excessively or inadequately, the skin barrier becomes compromised. This can lead to unwanted skin conditions such as dry skin flakes and excessive oil production.

FLEX is a vibrating face brush that solves these issues by providing an all-in-one natural skincare experience that cleanses and exfoliates skin effectively while keeping the skin barrier healthy.

Silicone is non-abrasive on skin and naturally antimicrobial. The bristles and vibrations mechanically exfoliate your face, which protects the skin barrier and prevents bacteria from growing on the device.

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Vitalize.

What about my hands?

You're probably still using your hands to wash your face. That method is fine if you like lousy results. Using your hands to was your face is the equivalent of brushing your teeth with your fingers.

If you leveled up on skincare at some point in time, you might've heard of a spin brush for your face. Just know, these nylon based brushes cause micro-lacerations on your skin and are breeding grounds for bacteria growth.

Every man with any skin type can benefit from performance skincare with FLEX. It's a safer method of cleansing without harsh abrasion or chemicals. It's also great for unclogging pores, eliminating dirt, and making skin softer while reversing pre-mature wrinkles.

Here's the method.

1. Power

Turn FLEX on with the central power button. The light on FLEX's base will illuminate white which means your device is on. When FLEX needs to charge, this light will turn red. Select your vibration speeds with the plus and minus buttons. There are speeds for general cleansing and deeper cleansing experience.

2. Charge

FLEX comes with a wireless charging case powered by a USB-3 to USB-C cord. This case features a 3x magnifying mirror for spot checks and a drain duct to ensure any and all water is removed. To activate charging, simply place FLEX in the case, connect a power source, and leave to charge for 3 hours.

3. Sanitize

While FLEX is charging, for 30 minutes, the UVC lights on FLEX will activate and reflect on the mirror within the case. These safe, UVC lights are proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Stay reassured that your case and brush are clean every time with the self-sanitization functionality.

Technical Details


Materials: ABS Plastic + Silicone

Speed Levels: 5 levels 3100 RPM/Min, 3600 RPM/Min, 5100 RPM/Min, 7200 RPM/Min, 8000 RPM/Min

Body LED lights: White, Red, Purple (UVC)

Case lights: Red, Green

Unit Size: 111.5 x 69.8 x 36.5MM

Power: ≤0.45w Running time: 5 hours Charging time: 3 hours Battery Capacity: 450mah

Charging Type: USB-C

Clinical Studies: 

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