You Have 90-Days To Get In The Best Skin Shape of Your Life or You Don't Pay

The Level Up Guarantee

How the Level Up Guarantee Works

1. Pre FLEX™ Arrival

Take a quick selfie before using FLEX™. This will help you document your level up journey.

After taking a selfie, get your Performance Skincare Plan from your email. You can also claim your Performance Skincare Plan here.

Performance Skincare Plan

2. Post FLEX™ Arrival

Once you receive your FLEX™ begin to use it over the span of 90 days with the skincare plan provided.

Take another selfie after 90 days - if you do not see or feel a visible or noticeable difference in your skin you can claim a refund.

Claim Guarantee

What douxds are asking.

Yes, there are no exceptions.

Yes. FLEX™ works differently for individual skin issues. The plan will give you step-by-step personalized instructions on how ot best use FLEX™ for optimal results.

Yes, you must provide photos or videos to show your skin.