How to Clean Your Beard Like a Man and Keep It Healthy

How to Clean Your Beard Like a Man and Keep It Healthy

Your beard will not look its best if it is not cleaned appropriately. Outside of appearance, you will prevent having an itchy beard if you wash your beard as it should be. The process of cleaning your beard also gets rid of dust and dead skin. Beard cleaning is made much simpler with FLEX.

Here are the steps to effectively cleaning your beard like a man:

  1. Wet your beard and apply beard shampoo. After massaging this in with the FLEX, rinse with water.
  2. Use your FLEX to massage beard conditioner into your beard and allow your hair to absorb it for a moment. Wash away the beard conditioner with water.
  3. After washing your beard, use a brush to or a suitable comb to get out tangles.
  4. Use your FLEX to apply beard oil and massage it into your beard.
  5. You may then comb your beard once again to style it according to your preference.

Cleaning your beard regularly is essential to having a healthy beard. The FLEX is very helpful to this process. This innovative skincare device is 98% more hygienic than using your hands. Outside of cleaning your beard, the FLEX can also be used to clean and revive your skin. Skincare and beard care is made easy with the FLEX.

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