How to Level Up in 2021: The Secret to Success for Men in a Crazy World

How to Level Up in 2021: The Secret to Success for Men in a Crazy World

Keeping your head right is the most critical part of being a man. Knowing how to respond to situations, maintaining gratitude when things go array, and feeling into the rhythm of life are all things that will help you grow.

Stress is the Achilles heel of a man's willpower to thrive through adversity. Typically when we stress, we make compulsive decisions based on our emotions, not our logic.

So if you or someone you know is in a constant state of stress here are a few tips to grow through that stress.

  1. Observe it. This may sound overly simple, but with stress, there is typically a trigger (stressor). Use your self-awareness to identify what the stressor is.
  2. Embrace it. Once your awareness is centered towards the stressor, realize what your realm of control is. Accept the stressor for what it is. Typically we get stressed over things we don't have direct lines of control over. Sometimes, we even get stressed about the fictional situations that we make up. In both cases, you must learn to release this stress. 
  3. Move it. Identify what you can do about the stressful thoughts. A wise man once said, "suffering is a state of mind." When you realize what you can do about the stress and stressors, you now have a choice. You can choose to suffer or grow from the suffering. We've all had low points or stressful situations, but it's what we learn from those situations that make us become better men.

I hope you find a few keys to help you along this journey. The world may look different and times may be turbulent but have no fear that you can still accomplish what you envision. With the proper internal tools, you will be well equipped to take this world made for you.