How to Stop the Crunch Bar Action: Revealing the Culprit of Ingrown Hairs...

How to Stop the Crunch Bar Action: Revealing the Culprit of Ingrown Hairs...

We talk about ingrown hairs a lot because it seems like the most common skin problem men have. Yet, somehow few companies make solutions for this problem (we're working on it). Oddly enough, most men's grooming companies perpetuate the issues and it all stems from using a five-blade razor to shave.

If you didn't know, five-blade razors cut hair on the surface as well as beneath the skin. Each blade will tug on the hair follicle, making each swipe deeper and deeper. The result is a hairless face but because the hair follicle is now shaved beneath the skin, when it grows back, it can cause irritation and bumps.

A single blade razor on the other hand will not tug or pull your hair follicle. It will cut your hair to your skin's surface. This will result in a smooth shave with maybe a little stubble (you'll need to shave with the grain) but you will effectively prevent ingrown hairs.

So we wanted to let you know about two companies that have the best razors on the market that offer a single blade.

  1. Bevel - Bevel has been around for a while, and they cater their entire product line to men of color. Ingrown hairs can develop on all men, so let me point your attention to their safety razor. This single blade razor is well built and designed specifically to prevent bumps and irritation. Their website claims, "after a clinical trial, 100% of subjects noticed their skin felt softer and smoother." 
  2. Supply - Supply is a startup just like us, but their razor might be the best on the market, in our humble opinion. They offer a single edge razor that not only looks sleek but might be the easiest to maintain. Their blade replacement method is simple, sliding in a new one. Like Bevel, they also claim to prevent bumps and irritation by using a single blade.

The choice is yours but I'll say, nothing is more annoying than problems that you can proactively prevent, period.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Bevel or Supply nor do we receive a commission if you choose to purchase from their website. This is completely an honest overview of the brands and the topic of ingrown hairs. Photo is property of one blade.