Oil, oilier, oiliest.

Oil, oilier, oiliest.
“Not all that glitter is good nor bad.”

While oily skin will make your face look moisturized, it’s not good! Oil is clogging your pores making it hard for your face to breathe - that means the dirt is stuck on your little tiny pores, and it will cause acne breakouts.

So, what’s causing oily skin? Just like hair, if you will not wash your face regularly, it will produce sebum. Don’t get us wrong, sebum is important. It’s like hydrophobic wax for your car - it makes you waterproof. But, if you’re going to have too little sebum, it will cause dry skin (that’s why you can doodle on your skin with your fingernails like your skin is made of chalkboard).

What do you need to do to prevent oily skin? First off, you don’t need to get rid of oil as our body needs it, and don’t ever try to hide it using baby powder (or your girl’s makeup). Finding the right balance is very important - find a routine. Wash your face regularly. Blotting paper works too! I was told that honey is also great… it's just a bit messy. Applying moisturizer is another way to prevent oily skin. And as our friend RashadsLife said: “Drink your water and mind your business.”

Overall, you need to step up your game. That’s why we’re here! Our skincare trifecta will help you build the routine, maintain fresh-looking skin, and be confident every time!