Shaving Irritation and Ingrown Hairs

Shaving Irritation and Ingrown Hairs

If you're a weekly shaver you know the pain of your facial hair growing back. Even when you do a basic skin care routine, nothing seems to stop the sting.

That's because something is happening deeper in your pores that needs to be addressed.

If you didn't know, typical razor blades cut hair on the surface as well as beneath the skin. Each blade will tug on the hair follicle, making each swipe deeper and deeper. The result is a hairless face but because the hair follicle is now shaved beneath the skin, when it grows back, it can cause irritation and bumps.

Guys are going to extreme measures to stop the burn and bumps. Watch this:



crunch bar action is real

♬ original sound - douxds


Luckily, if you have a mild case, it'll likely clear in a few days with basic self-care measures.

The self-care measures you ask?

The FLEX face brush exfoliates the excess oils from your pores before and after you shave to reduce the changes of hair follicles getting stuck  or infected. Combine this with the WAR face wash and you'll proactively detoxify your pores, by absorbing excess dead skin particles.