Valentine's Day Checklist

Valentine's Day Checklist

If you have a date:

  • Confirm the date with your partner - send a quick text or call
  • Confirm your reservations at the restaurant you selected
  • Make sure you have your gift wrapped

If your partner is ghosting you by now, you might want to reconsider a few things...

Assuming the date is good to go:

  • Press out 100 push-ups to get a quick pump
  • Do a thorough skincare routine (cleanse, exfoliate, and vitalize)
  • Get a fresh cut and trim up your facial hair
  • Press your outfit to get rid of any wrinkles
  • Before you step out, apply a dash of your favorite cologne
If you are lone wolfing it this year, no shame. Valentines Day is a perfect excuse to treat yourself. Put on a fresh outfit and go to your favorite restaurant. Spending time with yourself is a symbol of self-awareness.