We all upgraded our Playstation

We all upgraded our Playstation

POV: It’s 2000, you’ve been enjoying your PS1 for almost 5 years now, and have played almost every game available. Sony has been making noise since ‘99 about the PS2 and it’s about damn time to see the total upgrade!

It will be the same feeling about to happen with our FLEX face brush. Believe it or not, you’ve first tried the FLEX 1 almost a year ago and by the looks of it, it's worked out well for you.

We have talked to the fam, and they are still FLEXing with the OG Flex up to this day. This is giving us great confidence about what we can do, and how much more we can contribute to men’s skincare. 

Let’s be clear, PS1 to PS2 has been a major upgrade with graphics and appearance - but it’s not comparable to the upgrade with our FLEX 1 to FLEX 2. It’s safe to say that it’s like upgrading from PS1 to PS5!

We’ve been gone for a while, and not a minute wasted in gathering ideas and taking actions to make sure that our FLEX 2 can deliver and live up to the hype. We guarantee that Flex 2 is unlike anything you’ve seen nor felt. 

To this day, we've had over 400+ pre-orders for the FLEX 2 and counting! Once our inventory is ready to ship, we expect them to sell out quickly.

While we’re on the subject, check out this video to get a quick overview of the total upgrade that we have made. Also, since we don’t believe in “NEW AND UPGRADED” (how can you upgrade something new? How can something new become upgraded? It’s a paradox!) Our old Flex has been UPGRADED to Flex 2 with amazing NEW features to up your skincare routine.

We’re almost running out of the pre-order inventory. Don’t miss this opportunity in locking up a deal with our Flex 2. Watch the video and get the details.