Yes, You Can!

Yes, You Can!

“Depression and anxiety is just a phase”
“Depression is just making the therapist richer!”
“You’re too young to be depressed”
“Stop overthinking, it’s all in your head.”

You all heard it, and you somehow believe that it is true - until depression and anxiety hits you!

In our day and age, depression and anxiety has been spreading worse than the pandemic. Is it even contagious?! I don’t think so. But, one thing is for sure - it is real! 

There are days that when you wake up in the morning, you just want to jump back to bed and not face the day. And the hardest part, you can’t figure out why it’s happening. The things that used to bring happiness feels empty, you feel so disconnected with everyone, and it’s as if nothing matters anymore.

Well my douxd, you’re not the only one. And nobody is in the right position to tell you to get up and face the day - we fight our own battles and we can only allow the people around us to help. One thing is for sure, “IT GETS BETTER.”

Blow that bubble around you and stop thinking that you’re alone. That’s why Douxds exists - it’s not just about improving your skin, it’s about making a difference and empowering people. We’re created because we’ve been in that sh*thole! We are not claiming that we are the solution, but we’re helping you to make that first step. Regain your confidence and start your journey in achieving your highest gradient.

A young-wise-man once said: “YOU CAN, MAN!” 3 words, yet so effective. It's not forcing you to do something, it's allowing you to think what are the things that you're capable of and you shouldn't be afraid to try again. Who's that young man? Damon - Founder and CEO of douxds. Check out his story!