You’re funny, but ‘yo dumb!?

You’re funny, but ‘yo dumb!?
That’s impossible! 

Look at Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, Gabrielle Iglesias, Russell Peters, Bill Burr, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and one of the OGs of comedy - Mr. Charlie Chaplin. Whenever we laugh at their jokes/skits, we make them richer.

Don’t worry, we are not offering a “Masterclass” on how to be a comedian. It’s a gift! So if you’re the class clown, and you’re getting an F on every exam, don’t let it define your intelligence. You’re more than that! But, man you gotta read once in a while so you can get at least a C+. 

Science can back us up in this subject, we promise! It’s already on the internet so it’s 100% true. 

Here are a few tips on how to improve your sense of humor (again, not a masterclass):

- Sarcasm (the darker the better, but choose your audience wisely!) 
- Punchlines (delay the funny, but not too long)
- Real-life story (it is relatable and make sure that you got the perfect delivery)
- Confidence (did I stutter?!) 

It is proven that humor can be used to prevent conflicts, and make learning easier - remember that funny teacher that tells jokes once in a while? It’s cringey at times, but it is still better than a teacher discussing what’s written in the book the entire time.

Lastly, gentlemen with a great sense of humor get a beautiful wife/partner (most of the time). Do you want proof? “Every Adam Sandler Movie!”

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that you should have a lot of money, and clear skin to be truly funny. Ha! Got ‘em!

Peace out!