You still wash the bush?

You still wash the bush?

I believe we all do. I was talking about your beard. It's never easy to pull off a “full-on beard” and maintaining them requires a lot of work too! 

Before we jump to the cleaning job, let me remind you of the stages that you had to go through before getting a perfectly groomed beard:

1. Freshly shaved - smooth like a newborn!

2. A little few coming out, you can also see those little selfish ingrown pr*cks!

3. Someone will tell you to shave it - it looks dirty.

4. They will grow a little longer and a good friend will tell you that they look pubey! Ugh!

5. Giving it a little more time, love, and care. Making a few trims, and shave the edges to create a great shape…

Now you’re on track to maintain it! Washing it regularly is the key - but not every day! You have to let your natural body oils get into the beard for more healthy-looking facial hair. Trimming is really important to get the shape that you want, that also suits the shape of your face. 

You gotta train your beard too! Use products that will help you grow your beard in the direction that you wanted.

And of course, you will also need to make sure that the visible part of your face is well-taken cared of. A smooth and clean surface would help your beard stand out!