Building Flex 2

Building Flex 2

If you're up on the NBA, you know the 76ers were the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference going into the playoffs this year. Just a few years ago though, they were absolute trash. I mean, going 10–72 in 2016 is pretty bad.

Nevertheless, their losing seasons were intentional. They opted to focus on gathering the right players and coaches over time to build an all-star team in the future. This was coined as "trusting the process."

At douxds, we took a similar approach this past year. After coming off a solid couple of months selling the original Flex, we went back to the drawing board to build a better product. The original version of Flex worked well but there were a few issues that needed to be addressed.

First, the product shape was very similar to other brands. While we touted great materials, product quality, and powerful vibrations, this was not enough to stand out. We believe we're in a completely different lane than other brands. We only build products with our fam and our focus is designing revolutionary products for men. Thus Flex 2 required a unique design. With that, we decided to create a new ergonomic shape. This enables much better handling and button controls so you can ensure strength and power with each use of Flex 2.

Second, the bristle design needed a re-work. On the original version of Flex, it was a bit tough to clean out the bristles thoroughly. The new Y-Channel™ in the bristle face allows for water to run through the bristles a lot easier. When you're rinsing off Flex 2, all debris will now be directed and much more efficient to ensure your bristles are clear.

Third, the case. All bathrooms are pretty gross and leaving anything out in the open is a surefire way to expose it to germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you have sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin, you know why being clean is critical. Anything you put on your face must be hygienic otherwise that defeats the purpose of skincare. The best feature of silicone is that it inhibits bacterial growth. But like anything, assurance is always helpful. Since the bottom of Flex 2 is curved, we took the opportunity to build an innovative case. Not only does it charges Flex 2 wirelessly, but it also activates a proprietary self-sanitization technology. Now you will able to use Flex and keep it stored without worrying about whether is clean or not. Plus if you're on the go, you now have a discreet carrying case with an internal mirror and USB-C connectivity.

This process has taken months so far and we still have a few more to go. We appreciate everyone who supports the vision and we will continue to give updates as time goes on. Not only is Flex 2's launch around the corner but War and Prime are set up too. If you've made a pre-order or signed up for the launch list, remember that we will fulfill.