What happened to douxds?

What happened to douxds?

In case you were wondering, douxds is pronounced as "dudes." We've had so many people ask so I just wanted to clear that up. 

More of the douxdy stuff, if you haven’t had the chance to read about us, our mission is simple:  “We are designing a brand for men by men.” All of this bootstrapped with nothing but iPhone videos, laptops, and (video) feedback from our family (customers). This makes us the first and only socially native personal care brand for men.

Are we bragging? Yes, because we want you to realize the power of your purchase! We also want to show that we are constantly working to improve everything that we have started.

Another one, two, three! We've got anti-microbial face towel, MIRO almost ready to roll. We've also formulated a face wash, WAR, and a moisturizer, PRIME. These three additions to the product line will allow you to get your cleansing experience in one punch. We promise that it will be worth the extra minutes in the shower.

Lastly, we're making our branding more powerful. You may notice subtle changes in colors, imagery, and ads. We're still the same douxd, just refining the vibe. We want to make sure you will enjoy all of our future content. Social media feeds can get dizzy, so at least you'll get a good laugh when you see our content and your eyes won't bleed.

That's it for now. If you haven't already, make sure you join the exclusive launch list. Just click here to go straight to it. This way you'll stay in the know for the new product drops and updates.