Skincare's Big 3

Your hands only go so far.

You wouldn't drill a hole with a flimsy twig, so why compromise your looks for cheap soap, a dirty rag, and lotion?

Get The Clear Skin Set


A vibrating face brush designed to amplify your skincare results.


An activated charcoal face wash that purifies your pores.


A hydrating botanical face moisturizer that leaves you glowing.

Skincare simplified

The Clear Skin Set
The Clear Skin Set
The Clear Skin Set
The Clear Skin Set
The Clear Skin Set
The Clear Skin Set

The Clear Skin Set

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Clear skin without extra B.S.

The proven, simplified skincare system for men to steer clear of razor bumps, acne, dry flakes, and wrinkles.


  • FLEX™ - Vibrating Face Brush
  • WAR™ - Charcoal Face Cleanser
  • PRIME™ - Hydrating Moisturizer

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1. Cleanse

During the day, your face is constantly covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and dead skin cells. Daily facial washing with FLEX and WAR removes these impurities to give your skin a refresh look and feel.

2. Exfoliate

Ever notice how razor blades collect dead hair after shaving? The same thing happens on your face. A build-up of dead skin, hair, and oil fester to cause breakouts. Exfoliation with FLEX is key to removing the grime that clog your pores.

3. Vitalize

As we age, the natural proteins that keep our skin vital begin to fade. You need to keep your skin nourished, moisturized, and agile to combat this. FLEX's vibrations coupled with PRIME's vitamins give your skin a new life.

Results guaranteed

What douxds are asking.

The Clear Skin Set was designed to get results as soon as the first use. If you've never exfoliated or vitalized your skin before, prepare to be amazed. In general, everyone's skin and situation are different. As a rule of thumb, use for consistently for 2 months before noticeable results.

If you suffer from razor bumps, whitehead acne, or dry flakes, these conditions can be resolved with exfoliation. FLEX is designed specifically to delivered a unique exfoliation experience with damaging skin. WAR comes through to clean up the grime in your pores. PRIME hydrates your skin leaving it conditioned an revived.

Our products were designed with licensed estheticians and world renowned factories to create a skincare system that works well for most men. If you suffer from a specific skin condition, it's best to speak with your physician before using The Clear Skin Set.