Dry Flakes Skincare Plan

Here's your plan.

Dry flakes are a common skin issue that happens when the skin barrier lacks proper hydration.

This can be due to your climate, diet, or grooming products. Most of the time, guys will get abnormally dry skin because of the grooming products they use. First off, keep this in mind; only use skin care products on your face. Your body skin and face skin are totally different. To take care of dry flakes and prevent them from coming back, exfoliate with FLEX at least 3 times per week on speed 2. Use the larger bristles for areas around your nose and mouth. Use the smaller bristles for your forehead and cheeks. Apply slight pressure to make sure the dead skin is rubbed away gently. For your face wash, make sure you use one that detoxifies your skin and has healing properties. WAR has organic aloe vera and reishi that will do exactly this. For your moisturizer, you’ll need one that is vitamin-rich to give your skin moisture. PRIME is filled with Vitamin B and Vitamin E to lock in hydration and give your skin nutrients. Beyond our products, if you live in a cold climate, it might be wise to invest in a humidifier.

We have just what you need.

FLEX™ uses medical-grade silicone bristles and adjustable sonic vibrations to deep your cleanse pores. The result is less dry flakes and increased skin cell production. Combined with the natural WAR™ face wash and PRIME™ face quench, it's the most effective big 3 in men's skincare.

Need more information?

Here are a few blog articles we wrote about dry skin. As always feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

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