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Crush Acne and Ingrown Hairs

FLEX™ is a vibrating facial brush designed to exfoliate your skin, relieving clogged pores at the source. The silicone bristles and sonic vibration penetrate deep into pores to break up and wash away pesky, irritating impurities.

Purify Your Pores and Soul

WAR™ is face wash that absorbs dirt and dead hair particles from your face. The combo of Activated Coconut Charcoal and Organic Aloe pulls toxins from your skin while giving your face a cooling sensation to eliminate skin irritants.

Even Your Skin Tone and Lock In

PRIME™ is a moisturizer made with a blend of Vitamin E, B5, and C to give your skin a blast of nutrients to encourage healthy oil production. The result is a less “oily” look, and skin that is quenched with hydration.

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The Starter Set
The Starter Set
The Starter Set
The Starter Set
The Starter Set

The Starter Set

Regular price$99.99

Begin Your Skin Care Journey with Finesse.

The Starter Set is your introduction to an effective skincare journey. This performance skincare system, featuring the FLEX™ vibrating face brush, invites you to crush bumps, get smooth skin and experience skin revival. With free samples of the WAR™ face wash and the PRIME™ face quench, this set is your gateway to the kingdom of flawless skin.

Set includes:

  • FLEX™ - Pro Vibrating Face Brush and Base ($99.99 value)
  • 2 x WAR™ - Charcoal Face Wash Packets ($4.99 value)
  • 2 x PRIME™ - Vitamin Face Quench Packets ($4.99 value)