The Performance Plan

When you buy FLEX, set yourself up for success on your Level Up journey. Get a Performance Skincare Regimen, access to Esthetician and Grooming Experts, a Performance Warranty, and exclusive product and discount perks.

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Performance Regimen

Don't just buy our products, know how to use them. Take a 3 minute quiz for our AI to generate your personalized skincare regimen based on your skincare goals.

Performance Warranty

When in doubt, always protect your investments. If anything happens to your FLEX on your journey, we'll replace it, no questions asked. Get back to leveling up.

Performance Products

Family discounts are real. Get 20% off and free shipping on all future orders. You'll also get access to new products before they drop and 2x loyalty points.

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What the fam has to say.


It feels reassuring getting self care info from other guys that have been through the struggle.

Rob G.

Thank you for dropping this wisdom. Times are tough right now but these words keep me lifted.

Darren S.