Razor Bumps Skincare Plan

Here's your plan.

Razor bumps happen when hair follicles become infected with oils and bacteria.

This also can develop if you have curly or coarse hair. The way to reduce razor bumps is to keep the hair follicles free of excess oils and bacteria. Keep the pore clean so facial hair can grow back uninterrupted.

Before shaving, you need to exfoliate your facial hair areas. This will help prep and set your skin to take on the friction, shaving causes.
After shaving and as the weeks go on cleansing and exfoliating with FLEX 3 times per week on speed 4 will make a huge difference in your skin’s healing process. The key here is to not over-exfoliate.
For the face wash, we highly recommend WAR given it has organic aloe vera which will help soothe any skin irritation you may experience after shaving.
After cleansing, a light vitamin-rich moisturizer like PRIME will do the job of keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.
A little bit of exfoliation and revitalization will go a long way to make sure you stay clear.

We have just what you need.

FLEX™ uses medical-grade silicone bristles and adjustable sonic vibrations to deep your cleanse pores. The result is less razor bumps and regulated oil production. Combined with the natural WAR™ face wash and PRIME™ face quench, it's the most effective big 3 in men's skincare.

Need more information?

Here are a few blog articles we wrote about razor bumps and facial hair. As always feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

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