Still Getting Razor Bumps and Burn Every Time You Shave Your Face?

Here's how 40,000 men reduced razor bumps and shaving irritation in 30 days with the The Clear Skin Set.

What are razor bumps?

Razor bumps are a common skin issue in which damaged hair follicles become inflamed. It's caused by a bacterial or fungal infection that occurs while shaving.

Why razor bumps happens.

Shaving coarse hair.

Curly hair has a tendency to spiral back under the skin after shaving. Men with a lot of hair growth or who have coarse hair are also more at risk of razor bumps.

Unsanitary shaving habits.

Damaging hair follicles by shaving with grimy, dull blades causes oil glads to react and fill pores. The excess oil combined with the damaged hair follicle make razor bumps easy to form.

No pre or post shave prep.

Shaving places a lot of stress on the skin. Not deeply cleansing shaving areas before and after shaving greatly increases the risk damaged hair follicles and bacterial growth.

Reduce Razor Bumps Naturally


Exfoliating the face before and after shaving is shown to remove excess oils and bacteria and may reduce the formation of razor bumps. The Clear Skin Set is the safest and easiest option for the treatment of shaving related skin issues.

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Introducing The Clear Skin Set.

The Clear Skin Set is a 3-Step system of skincare tools. The FLEX™ is a vibrating face brush that reduces excess oils and increases skin healing. Combined with the charcoal WAR™ face wash and vitamin PRIME™ moisturizer, the system naturally relieves shaving related skin issues, instantly.

Clean your face with WAR

Before and after you shave, wash your face. WAR's activated charcoal removes the grime that clog your pores.

Kill the bacteria with FLEX

After shaving, gently exfoliate and remove bacteria from your pores. The FLEX's bristles and vibrations cleanse and exfoliate your face without damaging your skin.

Heal your face with PRIME

Ditch the aftershave burn. PRIME is a vitamin rich moisturizer that regulates your skin's oil production and keeps hair follicles healthy.

Save $70 on The Clear Skin Set.

Dealing with razor burn and bumps is not easy and typical aftershave products burn your skin. The Clear Skin Set sells out every month and it's clear why... Today is your chance to nix shaving irritation for good and join thousands of men using The Clear Skin Set. Inventory is limited.

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What douxds are saying.


My skin is smoother than it’s been in years, pores have closed, and my skin tone has evened out and is much brighter than before! I can’t say enough good things about my FLEX

Brandon R.

The silicone is smooth and revitalizing, removing dirt, oil, sweat and other grime from my pores. The vibration controls are spot on and I often find myself appreciating how it helps alleviate my skin.

Ethan R.

This is a great product for your face. I have way less hair bumps and skin irritation with this product. You still have to fine your suitable face cleaner. This is way better than using your hands.

Anthony C.