Still Washing Your Face The Old-Fashioned Way?

Here are 5 reasons why 40,000 men stopped washing with their hands and started to fight acne, razor bumps, dark marks, dry flakes, and wrinkles with the FLEX™ Vibrating Face Brush.

The situation.

Nothing ruins a good vibe more than waking up every morning and seeing acne, razor bumps, and dark marks. Especially when you've tried different cleansers and creams but still come up empty. The problem is those products don't clear skin issues at the source. Let us explain.

1. More effective than washing with hands or pads.

Your skin won't clean itself and dudes literally have thick skin. This makes acne and razor bumps extend their stay with dark marks to show for it. FLEX uses silicone bristles and sonic vibrations to safely exfoliate dead skin, massage out clogged pores, and increase skin cell generation, instantly. This means fresher-looking skin, less irritation, fewer breakouts, and a smoother face.

2. Unreal results that speak for themselves.

Most guys don't use skincare products because they don't know if they will work. While cleansing with FLEX, 90% of dudes feel and see smoother skin after just 1 use, it's that fast. The magic is in the vibrations that buff out grime and heal skin from within. After 1 month of use, most dudes can't believe how clear their skin becomes.

3. A one-time investment to get clear, smooth skin for life.

Time should be spent enjoying life and accomplishing goals, not worrying about crunch bar action around your neck, cheeks, and forehead. Using FLEX with a face wash takes one minute to buff out bumps and marks in one motion. FLEX is a one-time investment to get in the best skin shape of your life. No mess, no hassle, and no bull.

4. Designed for men, by men, backed by science.

Most skincare products are made for women. Men have testosterone which leads to higher oil production, thicker skin, larger pores, and deeper wrinkles than women. That's why cheap face washes and your girlfriend's creams simply don't work. FLEX enhances the effects of any skincare product you use and is made to handle the nature of a man's skin.

5. There's nothing else like it.

Dealing with bumps, marks, wrinkles, and scars is not easy. Thousands of men were skeptical about using the FLEX but once they did, they NEVER went back to using a rag or hands to wash their faces. The effects of FLEX are unmatched; clearing skin issues, unlike anything you've seen before.

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The hype.


"I've never used a product like this before and there's always those skeptical feelings. But after the first use, I couldn't even speak because I was that impressed at how smooth my skin was."

Dan H.



"I take my skin care VERY seriously. I heard so many great things about this so I had to see what the hype was about. I confirm, this is the truth! Instantly, I saw how smooth FLEX made my skin!"

Cassius G.



"I can't believe it took me so long to find something better than my hands to wash my face. FLEX has been doing a great job on my face and gives it what it deserves; a cool cleanse!"

Drew E.