Increase Your Productivity During Quarantine Round 2

Increase Your Productivity During Quarantine Round 2
We're creatures of habit and coupled with isolation during quarantine, we can tend to get very repetitive with our actions. So it's time to check in on your productivity and implement some changes to improve yourself during wave 2.

The first thing you should do is write down your goals. Seriously, get a piece of paper and take an inventory of your thoughts. Since you're in the fam, I know you have aspirations in general. However, when we find ourselves in the same routines, we sometimes lose our north star. Writing out your goals at least once a month will help you keep your actions in line with your goals.

Once you have your thoughts and goals written down, start to journal your daily actions. You don't need anything fancy, a pen and a composition notebook will suffice. It's just important to do a check-in once in the morning and once at night. The purpose of writing down a recap of your day to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals. If you don't put in the work consistently, how can you grow? While this may sound elementary, trust the process and you will see your world change.

Lastly, don't be afraid, this too shall pass. I talked about this period being stressful in the article here. When you constantly keep your goals in mind and take daily action to reach them, every present moment becomes easier to digest. In line with writing your goals and jotting down your moves, being mindful of what you are working towards is the key to maintaining gratitude every day.

Although the quarantine is tough, keeping your eye on what life looks like even 2 years from now will make this period your best yet.