Skincare Made for Black Men and Choosing the Right Products

Skincare Made for Black Men and Choosing the Right Products

Knowing Your Skin Type

The first step in effectively caring for your skin as a black man or man of color is to discover what type of skin you have. Here are the 5 main skin types:

What’s Your Skin Type?

Normal: If your skin is neither, dry, oily, or sensitive, your skin is classified as normal.

Dry: If your skin gets tight and flaky, you have dry skin. Dry skin is often sensitive.

Oily: If your face tends to be oily even after you have washed it, your skin type is oily.

Sensitive: If you get breakouts after being exposed to the sun or after using some products, your skin is classified as sensitive.

Combination: A combined skin type can be identified when a person has an oily forehead, but the rest of their face is dry.

Selecting the Right Products

The next step to caring for your black skin is to identify the most appropriate products. Most black men tend to have sensitive skin. Considering this, it is wise to choose products that are not loaded with chemical and toxins. These can often be found in the products in stores. The most effective products for black skin are those with natural ingredients.

Some black men have dry skin. If you fall into this skin type, you should find products that contain essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, cedarwood, or sandalwood. If your skin is oily, you should use tea tree oil, lavender, or cedarwood. These will give you incredible results. Shea butter, argan oil, or jojoba are also great for caring for black skin.

Black Men Skin Care Pro Tip

Use FLEX by douxds for the best skincare results. No matter the skin type or products you use, caring for your skin with just your hands will not give you optimum results. The FLEX by douxds will give you results from day 1.