What Gear Are You On?

What Gear Are You On?
What gear are you on? It doesn’t matter if you’re driving AT or stick - what matters most is that you’re the one holding the wheel.

In our quickly evolving digital lives, it is almost impossible to keep up with the trend and be relevant at all times - let me give you a great comfort that you are not required to follow the trend. Be your own brand! I don’t mean that you’ll become a merch or something. Be a solid character that sticks to its capabilities - you wouldn’t want a mage carrying a sword and shield and have him in close combat, right?

Maximize your own potential and maintain a progressive shift. The moment you think less about what people think of you, is the moment that you can free yourself and think! Instead of climbing the stages to get the crowd’s praises and approval, work in your own quiet way and make your success create the noise.

While it is truly exciting to feel valued by many - you will realize that genuine relationships are more rewarding as you move along - hence using our “douxds trifecta” is going to be one of the greatest relationships that you can get.

Peace out!