The Basics Set
The Basics Set
The Basics Set
The Basics Set
The Basics Set

The Basics Set

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Clear skin without extra B.S.

The proven, simplified skincare system for men to steer clear of razor bumps, acne, dry flakes, and wrinkles.


  • WAR™ - Charcoal Face Cleanser
  • PRIME™ - Hydrating Face Cream

FLEX, WAR, and PRIME are all pre-order items. Expected shipment dates are as follows:

FLEX: December 13, 2021

WAR and PRIME: October 31, 2021

All preorders are 100% refundable. Development and processing times may vary.

We're confident in our products but if you don't get the results you're looking for, we'll issue an exchange or refund regardless of the circumstances. In fact, our No BS refund policy states you don't even need to send your original order back. Just contact us within 180 days and we'll get you sorted!

A Dynamic Duo.

For Irritation-Free Skin.

Simple, effective skincare.

Eliminate pesky irritation.

WAR and PRIME coexist to eliminate skin irritants at the source. The blend of natural active botanicals do their job without compromising your skin's complexion or health.

Maximize your supply.

Enjoy long-lasting products for maximum efficiency. Just use dime-sized amounts of formula and our rich bed of natural ingredients will ensure that a little can go a long ways.

Keep your skin fresh.

Healthy skin comes down to using quality ingredients. All skin types will benefit from our proprietary formulations designed from the ground up with men's skin in mind.

Did you forget?

WAR and PRIME are just pieces to suite. To get the best results, pick up the best-selling vibrating face brush, FLEX. Your skin will thank you, instantly.

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